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Resgrid and what3words

Here at Resgrid it is our mission to deliver the latest technology to first responders all over the world. One of the most important pieces of information to any first responder (firefighter, emt, disaster relief worker, sar member, etc) is location.

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Interactive Push Notifications & 3D Touch

We are happy to announce that the next version of the Resgrid Responder App (4.3) will feature support for Interactive Push Notifications and will also support 3D/Force touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These features allow your personnel to

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Resgrid Responder v4 Update

We are rolling out a major update to our Resgrid Responder application. In this update we made major changes to the calls system for the Responder app. In addition we updates Messages, Push Notification sounds, Notes and fixed a number

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Personnel Mapping and ETA’s

Today Resgrid is happy to announce that responding Personnel are now shown in the Big Board Map and that Personnel ETA’s are now shown in the Dashboard and BigBoard. On the BigBoard personnel who are responding to a call are

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Google Closing Maps Coordinate Service

Engadget is reporting that Google is closing their Google Maps Coordinate service. From Engadget’s original posting about the service back in 2012: If you’re a mobile / field worker, and are tired of getting hauled across town to jobs, when

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Resgrid is a Featured Microsoft Startup

Today Resgrid is one of Microsoft’s featured BizSpark Startups, this is an amazing achievement for a us and our customers. Resgrid is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for first responders (fire, police, ems, search and rescue, disaster response,

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Responder App v3 Update & Voice Dispatching

This week we will start rolling out our v3 update for our Responder app to the Apple and Google Play app stores. This v3 update is a huge deal for us. Not only is it the 3rd major version of

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Training System (Beta)

Long gone are the days where we can just post new procedures, trainings, SOP’s, etc on a memo board, or email them out to our personnel. Personnel not following policies and procedures can open departments and organizations up to liability,

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Personnel Shifts (Beta)

On 10/18 we launched Resgrid Personnel Shifts Beta. With this launch departments can create shifts, assign those shifts days that the shift is on, assign the groups and roles needed to be filled by personnel for the shift and finally

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Notification System (Beta)

On September 12th we launched the initial beta of the Notification system for Resgrid. This system allows your department to create complex notification rules for a number of discrete activities, operations and states. Our notification beta launched with 10 events

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