Deployment Delayed

Apparently Microsoft is having a certificate issue that is preventing deployments, we’ve delayed our deployment until Microsoft resolves it’s certificate issue.

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Deployment Started

We’ve started pushing out the deployment to Windows Azure. Resgrid may become unavailable for a little bit within the next 30 minutes, if you get a timeout or an error feel free to retry your operation.

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Upcoming Deployment

Friday (2/22) we will be deploying an update to Resgrid ( This deployment will add support for UK phone numbers and mobile providers, major enhancements to support Windows Azure fault tolerance capability, more updates to the call emails system and more. Stay tuned!

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New Deployment

We’ve updated the website, services and back end workers. Updates and enhancements were made over the weekend to shore up call broadcasts. We will be monitoring the call broadcast system to ensure it’s working correctly. 

We also added in some new time zones to cover the UK. You can see all the latest changes on our update page here (

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Resgrid Site Update

We are almost finished updating the backend workers, this will fix the issues with the call and message email and text broadcasts.

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Hello and Welcome

Resgrid is currently in beta and were working with some fire departments on adding features that will help them. So we decided to fire up this blog so people can come, get some information and see what’s happening. So below are a couple a common questions, that we feel people looking at Resgrid might be asking themselves.


So What is Resgrid?

Resgrid is a web platform that allows a department or organization to add personnel to it and have them report back their status. Resgrid has applications for most major mobile platforms; Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. The responder app allows personnel to quickly report back their status (Standing By\Available, Responding, Not Responding).  Other users, on the web site and the mobile apps can then see the status.


Why build Resgrid?

Resgrid was created in response to a situation at a volunteer fire department I’m a member of. Because using the cell phone or texting is illegal while driving and not all personnel can contact each other anyways it’s was not known what personnel was responding to the incident. Resgrid solves this problem, personnel can quickly fire up the app, press a button and other personnel can see who’s coming.


Why use Resgrid?

Although Resgrid was originally developed for volunteer fire departments it really can be used by any organization that has dispersed personnel and needs to know who’s responding. Our goal is to keep Resgrid zero friction and keep responders safe. Our mobile apps are designed to quickly allow personnel to report their status with a touch of a big button, preventing them from texting or calling on the phone while running to their vehicle and responding. If you have a need or want for a new feature just add a request on our UserVoice Help and Support site and we will try and get it built as soon as possible. Our goal is to make Resgrid the premier platform for managing fire departments and their personnel.


What does Resgrid cost?

Resgrid is free and there will always be a free option. We know how much our fire departments are strapped for cash and would rather them pay the men and women in the fire service more, hire more firefighters\medics or buy and replace the equipment that career and volunteer departments need. Our infrastructure is donated by Online Advisors, Inc. so we can deliver the free offering. We will always have free version of the apps for the mobile phones as well.


What’s in the future?

We will be expanding the system, supporting all the needs of the users of the system. We will be updating and deploying new apps on the mobile platforms. We will be including groups, more statuses, an In/Out board, IC support, house and apparatuses features. Backend features like an Api for hooking into your own systems and building your own apps. More importantly, what you require and need will be built into the platform.

Thanks for visiting!

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