Major API and Unit App Update

We have started rolling out our new v4 API update! This API is a evolution in how we want our APIs to be consumed and bring some consistency between API endpoints. Other important aspects of the v4 api is to ensure that access controls are being performed in standard and consistent manners. This is our on-going push to make the Hosted Resgrid HIPPA compliant software.

ApiPageYou can view the new API documentation via our V4 API Swagger and we will be adding new info to our main documentation soon for the new authentication flow. The v3 api still stay online for at least the middle of 2022, we need to ensure all of our apps are migrated over to the v4 api and that we’ve given people enough time to update.

With the launch of the v4 API our first application utilizing it is the new Dispatch app. We’ve been working on this all year and originally targeted the v3 api. But when we decided to add the new API revision we had to make that switch for the Dispatch code base, this delayed our ability to launch the Dispatch app. We are targeting the Dispatch app to be related by the end of the year.

While working on the Dispatch app we are working on a new feature Push-To-Talk. Which is integrated into Dispatch already, but with that being the only app with that functionality it doesn’t provide a ton of value. So we decided that the Unit app needed a new revision to add that functionality there. So we have been working on a re-write of the Unit app, this matches the same backend technology that the Dispatch app is using and targeting the v4 api.

The Unit app update is our biggest evolution in the fundamental tools we use to build the Resgrid mobile applications in the past 5 years. All of our mobile apps share a common base currently Cordova and Ionic Framework 3 and that allows us to be consistent between the technology used in our apps, but that makes upgrading harder and logic is not really shared. We are migrated away from Cordova to CapacitorJS and Ionic 3 to Ionic 6. During this time we also worked on creating a shared Angular library that can centralize core code between all of the application.


We are also targeting the new Unit app update for the end of the year as well and our initial rollout of the new Push-To-Talk feature. Sometime within the first half of 2022 we will update the Responder app and hopefully start working on the new Incident Commander and Connect applications as well. We thank you all for your patience, being a small business we have to prioritize where our engineering efforts go and when we need to make some major updates or sweeping changes it can delay things a fair amount.

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