Resgrid SOC2 and Company Update

Starting in September 2023 Resgrid has started the journey to get SOC2 Certified and as a result there will be a number of changes to some of our back end systems, processes, etc as a result. Part of SOC2 is knowing a lot more about the vendors utilized. Although we check all vendors when we start using them, this process is pretty lightweight for us. But we now need to implement a more formal process that is repeated every year. So, what changes will we be making?

Consolidation and Migration of Systems

We will be consolidating and migrating a number of our current back-end systems used to facilitate business processes. For example our accounting and invoicing system will be migrated into a new singular system. In addition or Help Desk/Ticketing Software, Knowledge Base and Project Management software will all be migrated as well. I know that last one is a bit of a bummer as it took us a bit of time to get our Help Desk software ironed out, but it’s important we set ourselves up for success.

This work will carry us into 2024. We are not rushing to get get our SOC2 audits done, but instead want to ensure we have policies in place that make sense for or business and processes and allow us to easily and effectively work on our open-source projects. As our products allow for users to host it on their own infrastructure we have an existing path forward for those customers.

New Security Information Section

We will be launching a “Security” section on our main page that will list all important and relevant security information. This will include our audit statuses, policy information, vendors and sub-processors, reporting security vulnerabilities and more.We hope to have that launched within the next month or so.

This will go live well before we complete our first audit, but will allow anyone to view our security posture and see our vendors and their postures as well.

New Pricing Model & Price Increase Update

We have delayed the rollout of our new pricing model and the corresponding price increase. Originally this was planed to roll out September 1st, but we have few things we do wish to do first before we update the price. We think the new pricing model will be an amazing benefit as it gets rid of our packages and allows new signups to allocate exactly how much they want. But because we are drastically changing how you design your Resgrid subscription there is no price increase % that we can convey.

I can say that the cost for all the services that Resgrid uses under the hood; Internet, hosting, power, email, text messaging, voice calls, monitoring, storage, software, etc have all gone up drastically in price since 2020. It’s been a long time since the last Resgrid price increase and it’s not something I like to do but to keep providing the hosted platform we need to raise our prices.

Currently targeting early November for the new model and pricing to go live. If you currently have an active Resgrid subscription your price will not increase, we have never increased prices on departments with active subscriptions.

Unit App Open Source

As part of our process to get SOC2 audited we have changed how we develop software a bit and implement a more formal process. As such we are touching parts of our process that been unchanged forever, like our Unit and Responder apps. These 2 apps are the last holdouts in terms of open-sourcing all of Resgrid and the only reason we haven’t was the complexity of building a mobile app in terms of keys, secrets, codes, etc used to deploy an app to the store. We’ve kept that process secure, but lightweight.

We are taking the opportunity that going back over all these things gives us and cleaning up the code base to be able to open-source it with the rest of our stack. The Unit app will be first, followed by the Responder app in the near future.

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