Resgrid Updates

There has been a whole lot happening with Resgrid over the first half of the year and I wanted to share some updates with you all.

Texting and SMS Updates

Due to rising costs and spam issues we’ve had to stop offing SMS messaging on our Free plans for all types (Calls, Messages and Notifications). This is effective July 1st 2023. Email and Push will still work as normal. For our Standard plan SMS for Messages has also been removed but SMS for Calls is unchanged. For all of our other plans there are no changes.


After a lot of experimentation and feedback we have finalized how our Push-To-Talk feature will work and its pricing. We are rolling out the updated apps now with the new feature and replacing our original implementation. We expect to have feature parity with old our original implementation here in the next couple of months.

Pricing Updates

We will be updating our pricing for all new plans within a few months. As always current customers will not see a price increase for any active subscriptions (monthly or yearly). We are making changes to the system (see the SMS Updates above) to minimize the amount we need to raise and will use the next few months to analyze the impact.

Support System Outage

Earlier in the year we made some changes to our Helpdesk and Support system to better organize incoming requests. When we did this we made a mistake in one of our rules and a lot of support tickets went unanswered for weeks (as we were unable to see them). We fixed that issue a couple months ago, but if you haven’t gotten help for a previous request it may have been lost and you should resubmit.

Major System Updates

We are working on rolling out some major updates to the core Resgrid system to enhance functionality and make existing features more meaningful. The PTT work we did take a lot longer than we would have liked to get out, and we still have work to do on it, so that put us behind on all the other cool stuff we want to work on.

We will have more to share in the near future when it comes to new features and functionality.

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