Resgrid Release Cadence

Updates, both new features and fixes are vital to keep software and services modern and have feature sets that evolve with the needs of users. For the Resgrid service we try and push out updates to production at least weekly if we can. Sometimes changes are bigger, require more testing or are not ready for a weekly release so it they get pushed up when ready.

Bringing structure to the software release process - JAXenterWith multiple release channels we need to set the cadence for release to those channels. For the hosted version the cadence will remain the same. For the GitHub and EA (Enterprise Access) repositories are the new channels.

Below is our desired release cadence for our Core software infrastructure.

System Release Cadence Delivery
Hosted Version ( Weekly and Bi-Weekly Live
EA Repository Monthly FTP
OSS GitHub Repository Quarterly and Bi-Annually GitHub Release

These are general guidelines and will adjust based on the work being done and it’s readiness to be released. For the EA Repository and GitHub issue should be posted on our GitHub Repository to ensure public visibility.

We will be publishing release updates for the Hosted Version to our status page when release notes are available. GitHub release will contain release notes with the version and the EA releases will have commit notes associated with the build with the version zip.

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