Resgrid v3 Status Update

I wanted to give a status update on the Resgrid v3 update as it’s been a few since it was announced. We are in the final stages of testing and validation. Were hoping this phase goes well as that would put us right on track to getting the system out before the end of the year.

During this time were load testing the entire system, validating each individual component, screen and operation to ensure it’s all working correctly and making fixes to the system when we discover an issue.

During this second surge of COVID we are all going through the lockdowns are impeding our ability to work with vendors and 3rd parties to finalize operations for the upgrade. Due to this complicating planning and logistics we just can nail down any definitive dates. As we know more information and the roadmap becomes more clear we will be sharing specific timelines and dates.

We are also hoping to open up our QA instance of Resgrid to you all as well so you can validated new features and fixes were implementing before they make it out to production. This is a super cool facility we are very pleased to be able to bring on online.

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