Announcing Resgrid 3.0

Every 3 or so years we undertake a large refresh of our underlying architecture. The reason we invest this amount of time, effort and capital is to ensure our code, servers and mechanisms are staying current with latest trends, advancements and patterns.

Our last major refresh was done in 2015/2016 and we knew we were way overdue. Compounding that with COVID, increased usage across our entire infrastructure and ever evolving challenges with communications (text messaging, email) something drastic needed to be done.

As an open source company, we also realized how we were deploying and utilizing the Resgrid System was not in-line with how users of our open source version were using Resgrid. What we needed to do, is update our infrastructure and framework, give tangible performance increases to all of our hosted users, enable us to adapt to communication challenges while also aligning our use of Resgrid with our open source users.

For the last 3 months we’ve been working non-stop upgrading Resgrid to the following:

  • .Net Core 3.1
  • Async\Await throughout the stack
  • Migration from Entity Framework to Dapper
  • Database support for Postgres in addition to SQL Server
  • Cross platform code (Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows)
  • All dependencies and tools updated to latest as of September 2020
  • Docker support for Web, API and Worker projects
  • New high-performance infrastructure

This effort took well over 1,000 developer hours to complete and we apologize that during this time we haven’t had time to update our existing system, but we will quickly implement requested features that you’ve been waiting on during this time once we deploy the new system.

Our new Systems architecture will look like this

Resgrid Systems Architecture

In a future post we’ll go into more detail about how the servers and infrastructure will be laid out. Our goal is to have the new system deployed late November\early December and some new requested functionality that’s been roadblocked by this work deployed late December, early January.

We will be releasing new versions of the BigBoard, Responder and Unit app to fix issues and make the most of the new architecture as well during this time. We also have some exciting new projects in the works, new Dispatcher app, Enhanced CAD functionality, RMS and ePCR.

Thank you all for your support for Resgrid and our Open Source initiatives. We hope that the work we’ve done so far and the amazing new projects we have coming in the future.

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