Interactive Push Notifications & 3D Touch

We are happy to announce that the next version of the Resgrid Responder App (4.3) will feature support for Interactive Push Notifications and will also support 3D/Force touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These features allow your personnel to show they are responding quickly without ever opening the app, or in most cases even unlocking their phone. Currently we only support the default Responding/Not Responding and do not support Custom Statues. If your department is currently using Custom Statuses you will still be able to take advantage of Interactive Push’s and 3D Touch, but personnel using those features will show up as Responding/Not Responding instead of your custom ones. The next revision of this system will allow you to designate up to 4 statuses you want actionable on Interactive Push’s and 3D Touch.


One of Resgrid’s primary goals when it was founded was to provide the latest technology to first responders as it becomes available. This is just one of the way we are fulfilling that promise. Soon we will be working on exposing the Responder App via wearables like the Apple Watch and Android Gear devices, and exposing our apps on the most widely available platforms to give you ultimate flexibility.

Don’t wait, signup your first responder department today, it’s fast and free. You’ll join thousands of first responder (Fire, EMS, SAR, Public Safety, CERT, etc) worldwide currently using Resgrid.

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