Resgrid Responder v4 Update

We are rolling out a major update to our Resgrid Responder application. In this update we made major changes to the calls system for the Responder app. In addition we updates Messages, Push Notification sounds, Notes and fixed a number of bugs. We also improved the stability and performance of the application, especially on Android devices, and verified support of iOS 9.

Call Changes

In this release we made major changes to how personnel and first responders can interact with calls. Now images can be uploaded and viewed by personnel in the field, notes can be added to the call and shared with all personnel and files can be attached to the call and viewed on mobile devices. This gives your mobile/remote personnel unprecedented commination with each other and with command/dispatch. Features like these are especially valuable to Search and Rescue, CERT, Disaster Response/Relief and Public Safety. But very useful to the fire service as well, to share visual size up information in the form of pictures, help capture and share important scene details for latter records and much more.


You can now also edit basic call information from the Response App. Allowing you can change the name, nature and address of the call on the go. This feature is very useful to departments that import their dispatches from a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system that come with default call names.

Message Changes

In addition to large scale changes to calls we have enhanced the messages component of the Responder App giving you an outbox view to view the result of Poll and Callbacks.


Clicking on a Poll or Callback in the Message Outbox will allow you to see the responses from personnel you sent the Message, Poll or Callback to. You can then see how many people responded, when and their note.

Custom Push Sounds

You’ve asked and we’ve listened, as we tend to do that. Resgrid now has distinct and very attention grabbing push notifications sounds for Calls, Messages and Notifications. Each level of call (Emergency, High, Medium and Low) also have a distinct sound to them. Of course these sounds can be enabled and disabled from the settings screen. If you disable custom sounds your push notifications will instead play 3 distinct beeps. In the future we will be working on allow departments to override our custom push notification sounds with their own.

New Menu and Profile

In this release we also updated the menu, giving it a frosted glass look and adding a profile view. If you click on your name in the top of the menu you will go to your profile. From there you can edit some basic information (i.e. you phone numbers, cell carrier and notification preferences).


Your personnel can now check and modify their basic Resgrid contact information without having to use the website. Allowing quick adjustments to notification preferences from anywhere.

Other Changes

In this release we made over 2 dozen changes

  • Updated underlying frameworks to latest version
  • Fixed issue where messages could not be sent from the app
  • Updated sorting on calls in Responding To
  • Added ability to select Message type (Normal, Poll, Callback)
  • Highlighted Personnel Filter when Active
  • Highlighted Unit Filter when Active
  • Fixed bug that prevented group and department admins from setting personnel state
  • Fixed a bug where new days of the week staffing schedules would only pick up Monday

We will be rolling the Responder App v4 app out to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon and Blackberry over the next couple of weeks (starting 9/11/2015). Resgrid is used by thousands of public and private first responders the world over. Every week we add new features and fix bugs to support fire departments, VFD’s, Search and Rescue (SAR), Sheriff’s, Public Safety, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), HAZMAT, disaster relief/response and much more. We aren’t just a service provider, we are a technology partner our customers can rely on to empower their first responders.

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