Why Resgrid?

In the personnel logistics space for first responders there are some options out there. A number of those options are cloud based offerings with mobile applications. A question we get is why a first responder organization should choose Resgrid over anyone else? Below are some of the reasons we feel that you should use our software and what sets us apart from anyone else out there.

Flexible System

Our entire system is flexible, componentized and modular. It’s been designed from the ground up to go anywhere and be scaled up on demand. Resgrid is currently a shared cloud offering (all departments utilize the same infrastructure) but with minimal effort the system could additionally be deployed to another shared cloud, say at a datacenter in the United Kingdom or Europe, so better serve customers there. Or say your organization is large and you want to run Resgrid on your own private infrastructure, we support that as well. It’s important that not all organizations want to be on the cloud, or on a shared cloud. So Resgrid offers private cloud, in datacenters located around the world, and onsite options where you run Resgrid for yourself on your own hardware.

Constant Updates and Latest Technology

Resgrid is about to celebrate it’s 2nd birthday. In that timespan it’s gone from a personnel responding/not responding app to a full blown dispatch, apparatus, personnel, resource and department management system. We update almost every week to fix a bug, add a new feature, refine existing features and perform maintenance. Our Updates page speaks for itself, we have a to-do list with 2 years worth of work (new features) right now, and were adding new features to work on every day. With Resgrid the system will never feel outdated, you will have all the latest features. Need something added, or modified to meet your needs? We prize ourselves on being responsive to our customers and evolving the system to meet their needs now and in the future.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers needs and issues. We understand that dealing with technology can sometimes be a painful and frustrating process. It is our mission to ensure that our product and services will meet your needs and that any issues are addressed quickly and to your satisfaction.

Open Infrastructure

We have an Open API that allows anyone to build their own integrations and applications. Have an IT or Development team at your origination or a tech savvy member? You have the flexibility to extend Resgrid to meet your specific and custom needs. This also means that Resgrid can directly integrate with any backend system, i.e. CAD System, Records Management, Staff/Personnel System, etc with a little work. We use our own API for our applications and integrations, so we know the API works and it’s constantly being tested.

Complete Package

In Resgrid you can manage all of these elements and more:


      Response, Staffing Level, Availability, Location, Certifications, Roles (AO/Captain/Firefighter/EMT/etc)


      Unit Availability, Maintenance Logs, Tracking, Usage, Response, Accountability


      Call creation, management, dispatching personnel (Via text messages email and push notifications), import from existing CAD, and record activity


      Station management, response area, geo-fencing, personnel and apparatuses


      Mass message users from the system, share documents, share notes (like phone number lists, gate codes, etc), calendar, and more


      Instantly report on activity, events, calls, availability, staffing, certifications and more.


      Users, stations and departments can update and maintain their own profiles and information. Easing the administrative burden of turnover and existing members.

We understand that Resgrid isn’t for every organization and that’s ok. Our system is completely free for departments of up to 10 personnel, yes free. Even if you don’t want to use Resgrid right now create an account (reserve your Department name) and check back every week or so and see what we’re adding. Maybe you have some suggestions or issues, you’d be surprised how quickly we can get those in.

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